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These free Bootstrap themes cover a range of applications

Bootstrap is a free framework that helps you get responsive web design up and running quickly and easily. With Bootstrap, you can use HTML and CSS templates for web-based content like forms, buttons, navigation and more. You can also use JavaScript plugins.

While there are a number of reasons to use free Bootstrap themes, the biggest are that it’s easy-to-use and has a mobile-first approach. This makes it an excellent choice as the framework for a website builder. But it’s not just for beginners. Bootstrap is great choice for experienced web developers too.

Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework. It was originally created at Twitter in mid-2010. If you’d like more information about Bootstrap, take a look at the official Bootstrap website.

Now that you know a little bit about Bootstrap, let’s take a look at some of the free Bootstrap themes available on the web.

01. DashGum

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Visually pleasing and functional

DashGum Free uses a great colour palette, elegant fonts and a smart layout to produce a design that’s both visually appealing and functional. A lot of information fits into this dashboard without feeling cluttered, and you get charts, panels, tables, calendars, notifications and more with the free version. 

02. Initio

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A company or personal site that gets straight to the point

This is a fairly classic design for a personal or company portfolio that gets straight to point and delivers a lot of information without requiring a scrolling marathon from the user. 

03. Creative

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This free Bootstrap theme has subtle scrolling animations

This free, one-page Bootstrap theme has flexible options, including custom buttons styles. It also includes a full page image header banner with vertically centered content and (my favorite feature!) subtle scrolling animations – which look fantastic!

04. Cardio One Page Template

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Get a fitness-type feel with this free Bootstrap theme

As the name implies, this is another one-page Bootstrap theme that offers a clean, yet colorful, look. Although this template has a ‘gym related theme’, it has the potential to work for other industries as well.

05. Freelancer

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This free Bootstrap theme does exactly what it says on the tin

Great for freelancers, this one-page Bootstrap theme has a lot of features like flat icons and fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll. Also, the font choices for this theme are easy on the eyes.

06. Pratt Theme

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This theme is a nice clean example

If you’re looking for something simple to use for a landing page or coming soon web space, here’s a great template from BlackTie.

07. Evento – Free Music Event Template

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This Bootstrap template has a number of little extras

Do you have an event that needs a little website love? If so, check out this event-centric one page theme from ShapeBootstrap. Not only does it have a countdown, but it also includes a Google map and a contact form.

08. Magister

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This free Bootstrap theme is simple with nice transitions

Quite possibly the purest theme on the list, Magister offers a beautifully simple design. The subtle animation between page changes gives this template a nice touch.

09. Simple Sidebar

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Get a simple sidebar with the Simple Sidebar theme

If you need a simple sidebar page menu layout, this is Bootstrap theme gets the job done. One of the features of this theme is the off-canvas navigation toggling on smaller screens.

10. SB Admin 2

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This template is great for dashboards

Another sidebar menu theme, this one includes multi-level dropdowns and active classes. Also included is a Bootstrap chat widget and login page. This template is great for a dashboard site or webapp.

11. Studio – One Page Theme

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This free Bootstrap theme has some neat parallax scrolling

Another one-pager from BlackTie, this free Bootstrap theme features parallax scrolling and uses Font Awesome 4.0.3. With a few modifications, this template can be used for a variety of industries.

12. Nova – Multipurpose Site Template

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Want to do very few adjustments? Use Nova straight out of the box

I saved the best for last. Nova is an execellent free Bootstrap theme that comes with 16+ ready-made pages. This template is pretty much ready to use right out-of-the-box.

That rounds up this list. If you’re using a Bootstrap theme or have one you’d like to recommend, please let us know in the comments.

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